FAQ Studio

What if my child is unwell before or on the day of the photoshoot?

It happens don't worry - just let me know as soon as you can and we will reschedule. Even with a common cold they could be very run down. It is for you to judge when they are not well, but do keep in mind portraiture sessions are more authentic when they are their normal selves. They need to enjoy the process so I would recommend rescheduling your shoot.

what facilities do you have on site?

The studio is an out-building located within our garden. Heated all year round with snacks and water available while you are here.

For little ones there is a changing mat and a potty.

You will also have access to our house for older children needing to use the toilet and you are more than welcome to give them a quick bath if needed after the cake smash.

My toddler would not sit still for photos?

Probably the most common worry for parents when they are thinking about booking a shoot for their children.

In fact - I am glad they are not going to sit still. This is the best way for me to capture in the moment, fun, candid and natural protraits of them.

How long is the photoshoot?

As I never schedule more than one shoot per day, this ensures we can go at their pace and maintain a calm and fun environment for your little one without the worry of time constraints.

A typical shoot lasts about two+ hours - this is not all consumed taking photos. However, it allows them time to reset and pop outside for a play and a snack.

Can siblings come to a cake smash session?

Yes - of course!

Siblings are more than welcome to join on the day. In fact, we can start the session by taking some photos of them together.

When it is time for the cake smash - the sibling can stay with us, have a little play and wait their turn to taste the cake!

What do you provide for cake-smash session?

There are a number of accessories including: helium balloons, bunting, fairy lights, flowers and a cake stand. Prior to the photoshoot we'll discuss in more detail and set it exactly how you would like it. Please bring your own cake.

What do I wear to the photoshoot?

I always recommend neutral colours. This doesn't mean white and beige only. Although, these are great too. The aim is to keep it simple and comfortable. Think of a portraiture session as an opportunity to capture timeless images of them. Therefore, whatever they wear should not have large graphics, logos or heavy patterns. Please bring a few options.

For two or more kids - a matching colour scheme works best.

For parents attending the shoot, I would advise you to bring an extra top - we know that little people get us messy too!

how easy is it to get to the studio?

Located in Bagshot, Surrey, my studio is easily accessible for getting to your shoot.

With parking on-site, you are literally door-to-door.

When you arrive, I can help to unload your car with anything you are bringing for the shoot and watch your child/children whilst you get settled.

my child is camera shy would it work for me?

The reason the studio was built at the end of our garden is so that children can come in and have fun. There are so many toys and things to play with both outdoors and inside the studio. For younger ones you can tell them they are going for a play date to take away any nerves they may have about the session. I always take time and go at your child's pace - I never schedule more than one shoot per day. As a mum myself I'm surrounded by kids with different temperaments and have learnt a few tricks on how to get them to trust me and relax during the shoot. Oh and did I mention there are sweet treats and toys they can take home after the session?

What is the maximum amount of children?

This depends on what kind of shoot you are booking and the age of the children.

Please contact if you have more than three children and we can discuss your specific requirements for the shoot.

How do I receive my photos and can I have them in B&W?

You will receive your photographs in a web password protected private gallery within two weeks of your session.

These images are yours to download, share and print. Most of the images will come in colour, however you will also receive a few in black and white.

How do I pay?

After you receive your gallery, you will be sent a payment link for the full amount which needs to be paid within 14 days of receipt.

NB Studio

Purpose build with kids in mind.

As a mother myself I know how important it is for the little ones to come in and have fun, NB studio was purpose built with kids in mind. 

The studio is at the end of our garden with trampoline, swings, mud kitchen, Wendy house, ride on toys and more. Your little one will love it and be so busy exploring, it will feel more like a play date to them than an actual photoshoot. To me I think it's essential for kids to have fun on the day, it will show through photos and also when the day is full of energy it's infections!

Once we step into the studio there will be music (playlist requests are taken very seriously here) toys and sweet snacks. 

The studio is heated and there is plenty of parking on site. In case it's a wet/cold day and the garden is out of action, you are welcome to reset and take breaks in our open plan kitchen with more toys in every corner.  The aim is to always go at their pace and reset as much as needed, ensuring they really enjoy the whole experience.